About me

Hi everyone

My name is Nads and I love wearing beautiful shoes and clothes, but hate having to pay a fortune for it.

I often hear people making remarks at a wedding or a work function about a persons shoes. It's almost as if a pair of shoes becomes the catalyst of a memory reminder, whether it is good or bad.

NadsShoes is about finding the right shoes, tops, handbags, dresses, and more for you, without breaking the bank. There are so many amazing choices out there, to pick what's right for you, can be daunting. 

I started this journey a few years back by only selling shoes. Later, I also added other items like tops, blouses, and handbags.

Fashion is always changing and so is my website, and I will continue to look for products that you and I will love to wear.

NadsShoes is an avenue for women who enjoy feeling glamorous, and being a true lover of fashion I hope I can share some of the fashion items I love, with you. 

Feel free to contact me through my contact page, or send an email to nadsshoes.com, I would love to hear from you.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.